About krypt.co

At krypt.co we’re building the next generation of mobile-based authentication. Our vision is that authentication should be based on strong cryptography.

Public key cryptography has existed for almost 40 years but it’s barely used to authenticate people. Most people cannot store a long private key in their head nor can they compute digital signatures on the fly. Therefore, we need to store the private key somewhere. It has to be accessible but also kept a secret. At krypt.co we’re tackling this very problem and we believe the smartphone is core to the solution.

Our first product, Kryptonite, is the new home for your SSH private key. Kryptonite provides the best of both worlds: the security of having your private key never leave your phone with the convenience of using git and ssh as you normally do on your computer: git push or ssh root@server.

Our team

Kevin King
Kevin is passionate about making it easy for everyone to use strong cryptography. He studied Computer Science at MIT (B.S. ‘15, M.Eng. ‘16) concentrating in systems engineering and applied cryptography. Before MIT, Kevin created popular Android apps and now in his spare time he dabbles in audio software and rust. When Kevin isn’t writing code, he’s probably singing a cappella or scuba diving.
David Gifford
David has developed technology and systems for cryptography and secure electronic commerce. He co-founded three companies: Open Market (Internet commerce), Sightpath (Internet content delivery, acquired by CISCO), and the Computational Biology Company (acquired by Agilent Technologies). He enjoys working with the fantastic team at krypt.co, and is a Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at MIT.
Alex Grinman
Alex enjoys designing cryptographic protocols and building secure systems. At MIT (B.S. ‘15, M.Eng. ‘16) he studied Mathematics and Computer Science with focus in applied cryptography and cybersecurity. Alex has also been creating iOS apps for more than six years and has created several popular transportation apps for the Boston area.
Petr Kaplunovich
Petr is a user experience champion at every step of the development process. His background is in Physics (B.S., PhysTech - Moscow State University) and Mechanical Engineering (M.S. MIT) which is why his designs are engineering masterpieces. In his spare time Petr helps early stage startup companies with design and user experience.

Our advisors

Shafi Goldwasser
Adam Chlipala
Provable Software
Rob Miller
Human Computer Interaction
Javed Aslam
Machine Learning

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