Easy & secure authentication for teams

Secure SSH keys with a strong second factor

No more sensitive plain-text private keys floating around developer laptops, desktops, and servers. The private keys never leave your phone. Learn More.

Make everyone on your team Un-phishable

Krypton uses strong cryptography to prevent your team members from being phished on the web.

Private Keys are Secure

Keys never leave the phone.

Lightning Fast Setup

Get going in just a few minutes.

Real-time Audit Logs

Immutable audit logs in real-time.

Multi-person Auth

Require 2-out-3 people to login.


Lock down keys by location.

Time-based Policies

Lock-down keys during off hours.

Know every time a key is used

Reliable, End-to-End Secured, and Zero Trust

Reliable and Fast

Krypton uses 3 communication pathways in parallel to talk to your computer.

Backed by AWS SQS, AWS SNS (via Apple's and Google's push notification services), and Bluetooth. USB support as a 4th pathway is coming soon.

End-to-End Secured

During pairing, Krypton and your computer establish ephemeral keys to encrypt and authenticate all communication end-to-end.

Zero Trusted Third-Party

Team data is cryptographically secured by signed hash chains (Sigchains). This means team membership, public keys, and policies are signed and verified with keys that only you have.

Krypton's Source Code is Public



Krypton for DevOps Teams is available on a per-request basis. Please email us to learn more.

Have questions? hello@krypt.co