is hiring! is a newly-funded startup born out of MIT and based in Boston. We’re building the next generation of authentication, and we’re starting with developers and engineering teams. Security products should be built from the ground-up with strong cryptographic protocols, but cryptography alone is not enough – it must be usable too. Our core values lie in the intersection of strong cryptography and breathtaking user experience.

We released our first product, Krypton Core, for free in early May 2017. Krypton is the new home for every developer’s SSH private key. Krypton provides the best of both worlds: the security of having your private key never leave your phone with the convenience of using git and ssh as you normally do on your computer: git push or ssh root@server.

Our next product builds on top of Krypton to provide a new level of security for every member of both small and large engineering teams. How can big organizations trust with their most sensitive internal software? Our answer is a trustless, end-to-end verifiable infrastructure. While companies depend on us exclusively for liveness, they need not trust for the authenticity of their public data (like public keys, team membership, etc.) and privacy of their non-public data like audit logs.

Join us to change how engineers secure their keys, servers, and code repositories!

Open Positions

Platform Engineer

Without kr there’s no Krypton. As our first platform engineer, you will be honing the workstation software that makes pairing Krypton with a computer seem like magic. You will design, build, and deploy new features for kr which connects Krypton with core developer tools like ssh and git.

Platforms: macOS, Linux, Windows


  • ssh, git
  • package managers (brew, npm, apt, yum, aur, etc)
  • bluetooth low-energy
  • PGP

Languages: go, rust

Requirements: You are passionate about security and cryptography, and have knowledge of and/or interest in learning these platforms, technologies, and languages. It’s a plus if you have deployed large-scale desktop software with a focus on stability and safety.

UX Engineer

Usability and ease-of-use are just as important as security – at they are equal pillars. You will be responible for the design and user experience of every product: the Krypton iOS and Android apps, the command line interface kr, and our upcoming Teams web dashboard. You will be the user advocate at every step of product development.


  • build the Krypton for Teams web front-end
  • use your favorite design tools to create mockup designs of user-flows on all of our product platforms
  • create beautiful assets that echo Krypton’s brand of simplicity and security
  • turn user engagement data and feedback into product improvements

Languages: web front-end technologies

Requirements: You have deployed web products all the way from the conception and design phase. You can start a future-proof codebase from scratch that will grow and withstand the test of time. You have extensive experience with JavaScript and know when to build something yourself versus use a framework.

iOS/Android Engineer

Transform the device that every developer carries in their pocket into a secure vault for their most powerful credential. You will be building technology that users directly interact with every time they push code or log into a server. Smoothness and reliability are top priorities.


  • swift
  • libraries: core bluetooth, core data, common crypto, security, notification content/service extensions
  • concurrency (operation queues, mutexes, GCD)
  • storyboard (interface builder, auto-layout)


  • Java, Android Studio, JNI
  • libraries: android keystore, ORMLite (sqlite), bluetooth
  • fragments / constraint layouts

Requirements: You are passionate about security and cryptography and have significant experience in at least one of these platforms. You enjoy shipping safe, stable, and reliable phone apps. You have also published at least one app to the iOS or Android app store. It’s a plus if you have worked on teams that have shipped large-scale iOS or Android apps.

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