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Introducing Krypton

the end of ~/.ssh/id_rsa

The private key is stored on your phone

Your phone is the gatekeeper for every SSH authentication.
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Easily upload & share your public key

Upload your key to Github, Digital Ocean and other services with Krypton.

Pair your phone with multiple computers

After pairing your phone with your computers, use SSH as you normally would.
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Public Source Code

All of the Krypton source code is published at github.com/kryptco.
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Get Started in 3 steps


Download Krypton on the app store

Get it on Google Play

Install kr and pair your computer

Follow the instructions here to install kr on your computer.

Then open the app to the 'pair' screen. Run ‘kr pair’ and scan the QR code using Krypton on your phone.

$kr pair

Use SSH normally

After you add your public key to a server or GitHub, use SSH or git as you normally would.

$ssh root@server

Every time you SSH, your computer will request a signature from your phone.
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Have questions? hello@krypt.co