The Security Key for Everyone

Security of a Hardware Security Key
Simplicity of Push-to-Approve

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A Security Key that's Easy to Use
No more sensitive plain-text private keys floating around developer laptops, desktops, and servers. The private keys never leave your phone. Learn More
Setup takes less than 60 seconds.
Works on the devices that you already have.
Hardware-backed via the iOS Secure Enclave and Android Keystore.
Stops phishing by showing you what you're approving.

Private key never leaves phone

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Pair Krypton with your computer

in just a few seconds

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Lock-down Keys Remotely
Set policies dynamically to limit when and how the security key can be used. Policies take effect in real-time.
Create Geo-fences to limit where the key can be used.
Enable bluetooth-only to make the key usable only within-range of a paired computer.
Whitelist applications and servers.
Multi-person approvals. Require 2 or more people to approve a request to authenticate to an application or server.
Reliable, Fast, & End-to-end Verified
Krypton uses 3 communication pathways in parallel to talk to your computer.
Reliable. Backed by AWS SQS, AWS SNS (via Apple's and Google's push notification services), and Bluetooth. USB support as a 4th pathway is coming soon.
Fast. Authentication takes less than a second.
Secure. During pairing, Krypton and your computer establish ephemeral keys to encrypt and authenticate all communication.
Audit Logs in Real-Time
no integrations required
Track every authentication in your infrastructure in real-time. Log data is encrypted to team admins and inaccessible to Learn More
Every-time the key is used, the action is logged.
Logs are immutable.
No SSH-server or application-server changes required.

Get Started in 3 steps


Download Krypton Core on the app store

Get it on Google Play

Install kr and pair your computer

Follow the instructions here to install kr on your computer.

Then open the app to the 'pair' screen. Run ‘kr pair’ and scan the QR code using Krypton on your phone. That's it. just ssh as you normally would.

$kr pair

$ssh root@server

Create your team

After you setup Krypton Core, create your team from the Teams tab and invite your dev org.

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