Welcome to Krypton for DevOps Teams

Krypton Core combines security with ease-of-use to give every developer a secure, convenient place to store their ssh + pgp key pairs.

Krypton Teams extends Krypton Core to provide a simple way to manage access of ssh public keys, enforce Krypton device approval polices, monitor resources with cryptographic audit logs, and prevent man-in-the-middle-attacks with real-time distribution of ssh known host public keys.

Krypton Teams is built on an end-to-end verified infrastructure. Like Krypton Core, using Krypton Teams does not require trusting krypt.co’s server infrastructure to behave honestly. Your team’s data cannot be changed, even if krypt.co’s infrastructure is compromised. Read more.

SSH + PGP Public-Key Infrastructure

Manage your team's SSH and PGP public-keys in one place. Easily onboard new team members by granting access to the resources they need to do their work. When a developer leaves your team, have confidence that their access has been properly revoked.

Team Management

Invite all of your team members to join your Krypton team with a single link. Create custom temporary approval rules and usage policies.

Real-time Audit Logs

Keep track of every phone, workstation, and server that are active in your infrastructure in real-time. All audit log data is encrypted and only accessible by team admins.

Real-Time Host Pinning

Protect your team from man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. Pin public keys of known servers and seamlessly distribute them to your team members in real-time. Host verification is performed in the Krypton app so your team members will verifiably know where they're connecting to.